Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Sundial Medical Center unique?

Dr. Mellman’s passion for medicine creates a dynamic environment, and his meaningful relationships with patients allows him to individualize care.

Does the practice provide preventative medical services?

At Sundial Medical Center, each patient receives preventative care. We utilize our Advanced Physical and individualized diagnostic tests to detect early-stage diseases. Additionally, our Integrated Health Program, Garden Gate, provides educational programs and resources to encourage patient awareness and healthy living.

What if I need a specialist?

One of the main benefits of a concierge practice is the relationships Dr. Mellman has created over the years which lets him direct you to some of the best specialists. Sundial Medical Center is privately owned, so our doctors have the ability to refer you to many different specialists.

Is the fee covered by my insurance?

Medicare and other private insurances do not cover the annual fee. It is necessary, however, to maintain health insurance in order to cover the costs of specialty care, hospitalization, laboratory tests and radiology studies. For flex care accounts, please check with your carrier.

I’d like to meet with the doctor to discuss whether this practice is right for me. Is that possible?

Yes. You can schedule a complimentary meeting with one of our physicians to learn more about Sundial Medical Center.

Contact us to schedule a meeting.